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    That nice copy form (Win 9x and >)

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    OK ever since we had Windows 95, maybe earlier as well, we had these nice animated forms such as when you use Windows Explorer to copy a file, you get this nice animated form where the page fly from one folder to the other. Or when you delete the page fly out of a folder... and so on

    Can these forms be used and controlled in a VB application?

    My application copies a file sometimes as large as 15 MB, and I would love to show that form as the user gets entertained by it, and they know something is working...

    How about these smilies that we use in this lounge, can we add some of them to our Userforms in VB? or similar once. I just need to entertain the user that is all, so if anyone knows how let me know...


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    Re: That nice copy form (Win 9x and >)

    Don't know what your resources are, but you may not yet have tried looking at the Common Controls Replacement Project. HTH

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