On Friday I was working on a project where I was taking a value from a cbo - using that data to look up another value using VLookup - then combining the two values into one cell. I had a meeting to attend, so I exited Excel. Life was good.

After the meeting I went back to my cubby and fired up Excel to be met with an error message stating that "System resources are dangerously low". My first thought was a memory leak. The userform had one combobox and one command button. I was just testing out some code and didn't include an Exit command button. On a finished or even a more complex test form I always have an Exit button where the form is unloaded and set the form = nothing.

I rebooted my machine and fired up Excel and got the same message.

I rebooted again and deleted the workbook that I was playing with, fired up Word, Access, Outlook and Power Point with no problem. Fired up Excel and got the same message.

I tried to Repair the Office installation - same message.

I removed and re-installed Office twice - same message.

I defragged my machine and then did a wipe of the free space, fired up Excel - same message.

I ran Norton Diagnostics, WinDoctor, System Check and Optimization Wizard - same message.

I ran Microsoft System Information System File Check and three files were returned as possibly corrupt:

I replaced these dlls and Excel fired up just fine. These files are located in Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/
Web Folders
Web Server Extension/40/Bin

What do these dlls have to do with Excel and why would they cause a system resources low error?

I have never encountered this error before and my rig runs (or did) just fine. This is way bizzare.

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