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    Forms (Word 2002 SR1)

    One of the folks in our graphics department is trying to set up a form for a client and what they want is for the date to fill in automatically if a box is checked.

    So the form looks like this:
    To the left is the check box and to the right it says "Date:" and there's a field.

    I haven't used this feature of Word well enough to feel like I'm giving the best answer, but I was thinking she'll need a macro.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Forms (Word 2002 SR1)

    Hi Tracy,

    And what is to happen if the box is not checked?

    If this is not a protected form but rather a template for something like a form letter, why not simply insert a field that inserts the creation date and let the user change it if he/she wants to? That field would be the CREATEDATE field.

    Otherwise, a variation on the macrobutton field used in the checkbox template at my downloads page where the AutoText entry for the checked box contained a CREATEDATE field as part of the entry would work.

    If we are talking about a protected form, you are talking about a lot of work for questionable benefit. It would require a macro. I would suggest that you follow the links at Word Web Resources - Forms ( especially Dian Chapman's series of articles. It will lead you to the structures you'll need to set up for your form to work the way you want.

    Or perhaps you are talking about a custom dialog box (called a userform) where the checkbox would be checked / unchecked.
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