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    Goodbye to Free Support for Inoculate-It

    Looks like the free support for Inoculate-It will end May 15, 2002, after which you can upgrade for the atrocious price of US$9.95. Maybe I'll register and pay, maybe I won't.

    I'll take a look at AVG, unless y'all have something better to recommend.
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    Re: Goodbye to Free Support for Inoculate-It

    John, from my experience I would go with AVG.
    I came across AVG after free Innoculate was discontinued, and added it to my PC as another tool to scan suspicious emails stopped by MailMarshall, or to check unknown files. This is in addition to the corporate McAffee and Nortons. AVG has found viruses that the others sometimes missed, it can be set to scan incoming and outgoing emails, and it has very regular updates.
    After having to repair several friends PC's due to viral infections I installed AVG on their PC's without any problems.
    My only criticism to date is that my daily scheduled full disk scan does slow my PC down more than other products, and it takes longer - but that is a minor irritation I am happy to wear - and shucks, it's free!

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