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    Journal for Public Folder contacts (2000 SR1)

    Our organisation has a Public folder Contact list with over 2000 records.
    We use an exchange server V5.5
    We have not developed any special forms & are using the Outlook contact manager in it's default form.

    The issue we have is that we would like staff to record details of conversations with contacts so that these are available to the whole team (15 users)
    The "New Journal entry for Contact" function seems to be the kind of thing we want to record (phone conversation / file note, etc) but this seems to be limited to the personal contact list. Any e-mails, appointments or journal items for records on the public folder seem to disappear into the ether!!

    What our bosses would like to achieve, is a record of manually entered notes plus automatic linking of related e-mails between the contact & any member of staff, recorded as "activities" (or attached to that contact's record in some other way).

    -seems a reasonable ask to me - but am I unreasonable!!!!

    I have created a public journal folder with the intent that the public contacts folder should file e-mails etc there.
    I just can't get it working easily.
    I can add a new journal item to that folder & link this item to a contact - but the dialog box defaults to the
    personal contact list & it is a drawn out process to locate the specific public folder & then the record with in that folder. (It takes that long - it is not really an option.)

    Can anyone suggest a different approach to achive our objective? or
    Can someone advise how I can change the default contact file on the dialog box when linking a journal item to a contact.


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    Re: Journal for Public Folder contacts (2000 SR1)

    I hope someone can say that I'm wrong, but I believe you'd have to do this with a program. Since the best way to do that for multiple users is a COM add-in, that's no small matter.

    What you're talking about is basic contact management. Have you thought about getting a product intended for that? If that's not possible, you might check out some of the 3rd party Outlook solutions listed on

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