I've been having trouble getting E-mail messages to print while on-line. In order to get them to print, have to disconnect from net. This problem does not always occur, just usually. Today, got an error message indicating the "Mpbgder.exe" caused an error. Never saw THIS before. Click "OK" error window went away, printer icon on taskbar remains and printer status indicates the print job is being deleted but is locked up. Everything else runs fine. Could this be a problem with my printer driver (re-installed but problem continues)? Problem with the printer (Canon Multipass C755)? What is the "Mpbgder.exe"? I checked MSKB and no luck.

FYI - I'm about one half step above Novice when it comes to using Office/OE, etc., BUT I know enough to know I could be dangerous to myself, so I'm trying to save the computer from being tossed in the pond and myself from pulling the remainder of my hair out. Any help or info would be much appreciated. Thanks!