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    insertfile problems (Word 2000/VBA)

    I am having a problem with the VBA InsertFile object.

    Currently I use the following code to insert the required file:

    Selection.insertfile FileName:="Cocuments and Settingspgc.IANZApplication DataMicrosoftTemplatesIANZ TemplatesIANZCAR.doc", Range:="", _
    ConfirmConversions:=False, Link:=False, Attachment:=False

    On reading the help it informs me that if I leave the path out eg. Selection.insertfile ("IANZCAR.doc")

    Word assumes that the file is in the same directory as the one your working in. This does not appear to work. Does anyone have any idea why?

    Phil Carter

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    Re: insertfile problems (Word 2000/VBA)

    Use CurDir to verify that the "current" folder is the one you think it is. Then use ChDir to change to the desired folder. Then you can use the Insertfile method without specifying the full path.

    I recommend using the full path anyway. Put it in a variable so your statement looks nice:

    Selection.InsertFile:= strFolder & strFile, Range:=, etc.
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