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    Adjusting time/date

    When trying to adjust the time/date I cannot choose AM or PM. The screen shows both. I can highlight PM but it won't "apply" and so my machine is now 12 hours off. Any clue as to what's wrong? I've tried shifting the year, which Microsoft advises if the date/time hangs up. But this didn't work either. Why the "gotcha" now after 6 months of everything working fine? Another unadvertised feature of this remarkable software? Remarkable in the sense that "boy could I make some remarks about it."

    Hope someone can help.


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    Re: Adjusting time/date

    Is the time in your BIOS set properly? Long shot, but worth checking. What happens if you shift the year or hours/minutes, then go back to what they should be, does the "apply" button become available? Or do you click on it and nothing happens?

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