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    Access queries to XML Conversion (2000)

    I want to create an XML document from an access query in order that I can publish a catalogue of goods on the internet. I have seen elsewhere in the lounge posts about XPs support for creating XML documents from Access objects. Does Access 2000 have any support for this kind of task or will I have to write a VBA module to convert a recordset into an XML document myself?

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    Re: Access queries to XML Conversion (2000)

    Access 2000 allows you to persist an ADO recordset as XML. Access XP offers greater support for XML. The Access 2000 syntax is something like this:

    rstADO.Save "C:ExportData.xml", adPersistXML

    As an afterthought, Access 2000 does not create any kind of XSL file for you. You have to create that yourself. I believe Access XP does some of that for you as well.

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