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    MS Draw 98 in Word? (Office 2000)

    One of the neat add-ins I have in my copy of Word97 is MS Draw 98 which allows you to create drawing objects with text in them and to connect them with dynamic connectors that move and reroute when you move the object.

    I tried to show this to a friend on her Word2000 the other day (assuming the add-in would have been incorporated) but couldn't find it. It is there in PowerPoint but not in Word. I tried installing Draw98 but was informed that the PC didn't have any Office97 components and therefore the install wouldn't go ahead.

    Is there any way to get this utility in Word 2000?? TIA
    Keith Rodgers
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    Re: MS Draw 98 in Word? (Office 2000)

    Draw 98 is included with Office 2000, but it's on CD #2 which has its own setup program. HTH --Sam
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