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    Do I need a DBA for MSDE/SQL Server? (Any)

    As described in an earlier message, our accounting system is evolving from a file server model in which VB apps work with a local Access database linked to a back-end MDB on a file server, to a database server model in which the back end consists of one or more MSDE (or SQL Server) databases.

    We do not have a DB Administrator nor budget to hire one. Since MSDE is merely a speed-governed version of SQL Server, I have some concern about our ability to manage the database server. We have a support plan with the vendor that should cover calamities, but I wonder about day-to-day babysitting, diagnostics, tuning, and so forth.

    Anyone have any advice on how concerned I should be? Suggestions on economical staffing modalities?

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    Re: Do I need a DBA for MSDE/SQL Server? (Any)

    You are right to be concerned. SQL Server requires at least a part-time dba who really understands SQL Server. It might be possible to earn while you learn, but it will frustrate you and your users and will take much longer to make necessary changes than if they were made by someone already knowledgeable.

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    Re: Do I need a DBA for MSDE/SQL Server? (Any)

    Charlotte is spot on - MSDE and SQL Server do require some TLC now and then. In particular, you need a process to back-up your database and restore it should calamity occur. The MSDE doesn't come with tools to do that kind of thing, nor do you have anything like the SQL Enterprise manager. So hopefully your vendor will supply that kind of thing. The same thing is true from a security perspective. There are only 3 or 4 very basic tools provided, so you will want to explore the situation before diving in.

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