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Thread: Envelopes (XP)

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    Envelopes (XP)

    I print addresses on DL envelopes but find that the address appears too low on the envelope if I use the auto setting. I prefer the look of the address starting 3.9 cm from the bottom. In order to do this, every time I print an envelope I have to adjust the setting using the options menu.

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to set a default so that it will automatically set at 3.9? (and if so, how? of course!)

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    Re: Envelopes (XP)

    Hi Fishgater:
    I don't have XP, but I can tell you what works in 2000. Modify the Envelope Address Return. The easiest way.
    1. Create an envelope using Tools/Envelope & labels. You can choose Add to document, if you choose.
    2. Click on the frame that contains the address. The style box on the formatting toolbar should display Envelope Address.
    3. Drag the text box where you want & make any other changes. You could also double click the text box & then make adjustments on the position tab, if you wanted.
    4. While the text box is selected, click in the style box & press <enter>. A dialog box will come up asking you if you want to update the style. Press <enter> again.
    5. Your not done. Go to Format/Style/Envelope Address/Modify & tick the [i]Add to template[i/] checkbox, then OK your way out. This will change the style in the template.

    Hope this helps.

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