about a week ago i put out a post concerning the AD tools (specifically the user's and computers tool) not working. i couldn't connect and it was saying that the naming information could not be located because the server was not operational. i figured out that the problem had to do with the proxy client that i had installed on my machine (WSP client). i checked MS's KB and found that you are supposed to be able to edit the mspclnt.ini file to fix this, but when i edit it it works for a little bit and then the change i made to the file is removed. this obviously keeps me from working with the tools without constantly editing that (or those) dang files.

the files i can edit are: msplat.txt and/or mspclnt.ini. both are on my pc and on the proxy server. the text file on the proxy server and my pc are identical. the .ini file, however, is not. the one on the server has one line of data whereas mine has multiple lines. i edited the msplat.txt file on the server to see if it would help, and then updated my wsp client in the control panel. upon reboot it didn't help.

basically, it appears my changes are constantly being removed from either or both of these files. can anyone help me figure out how/why this is happening and how to fix it? thank you very much.

btw, my pc is a W2K pro pc, and the proxy server is a nt 4.0 server, sp6a.