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    I am having trouble with a style problem on

    I create a blank document based on the normal document. When I click on the bullet button on the formatting toolbar, the style changes to "Bullet Arrow". When I press enter I get another bullet arrow (complete with bullet) and when I press enter again I get a bullet arrow but no bullet. This style now stays throughout the document unless I manually change the style. This problem is also happening on another user's machine, except hers changes to "Table Bullet".

    When I open to try and delete the style to prevent this problem, bullet arrow does not exist.

    The other user was having trouble with a template she was trying to create based on a very old document. We were working on my PC. The old document contained a style called bullet arrow and another one called table bullet. I did save the template we created onto my c: drive.

    Things I have tried:
    Deleted all templates that I don't use including the one we created based on the old document.

    Renamed and saved new file that was emailed to me from a colleague who was not experiencing the problem I am. This still didn't fix the problem.

    When I open there is no reference at all to bullet arrow style. I have checked through the style dialogue box and organiser. This style does not appear until I click the bullet button.

    Does this sound like a corruption of sorts?
    Reload Word??

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: problems (2000)

    Try to do a Reset on any customized bullet styles:
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    Re: problems (2000)

    Just to add a couple of things to Jefferson's response.

    The reason that the things that you tried didn't work are:
    1. Once a document is created, it's styles are not affected by it's attached template, unless Tools/Templates/Automatically update styles is ticked. Therefore, deleting old templates won't change anything (so long as there is no global template running a macro that makes changes to the document).
    2. The formats for Bullets & Numbering... are contained in the registry. Resetting the list templates will make the changes in the registry.

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