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    Opinion requested: Autotext/AutoCorrect (WORD 97/2000)


    I have lots (40+) autotext/autocorrect entries for the template I am creating. The AutoText/AutoCorrect entries would change (added/amended/deleted) as time goes by.

    1. So, is it better to have these in a separate Addin to the main template file or just in a main template file
    and replace the template as when (autotext/autocorrect entries) change?

    2. Which is better?
    * AutoCorrect as the user types or
    * Run a pre save file macro to update the AutoCorrect/AutoText entries?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Re: Opinion requested: Autotext/AutoCorrect (WORD 97/2000)

    Hi Robie:
    I can express an opinion on some of your questions. First, there is a big difference between AutoText & AutoCorrect. AutoCorrect is NOT stored in a template, unless it consists of formatted text or graphics. Otherwise, it's contained in *.acl files.

    Personally, I've chosen to have a separate template in my startup folder for macros & Autotext that I wish to be available to all documents. However, some people prefer to put autotext in is affected by viruses more frequently than other templates.

    You don't have to replace a template when autotext entries change, you can simply add or change the entries in the template. It is easier to modify autotext contained in the normal template, than in other templates.

    If I were the user, I would prefer to see my changes immediately, so I could make changes, rather than wait until I finished the entire document.


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    Re: Opinion requested: Autotext/AutoCorrect (WORD 97/2000)

    Phil has already outlined the difference between AutoCorrect and AutoText. For most uses, I prefer AutoText because I like some warning before stuff gets put into my document. I definitely keep the AutoText in separate global templates (also in some document templates). For instance, I have moved all of the default AT entries from my and put modified versions of them in a separate global. I prefer keeping as many of my customizations as possible out of It makes trouble-shooting much less painful.
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