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    Imanage and Outlook/Groupwise (Outlook 2000.)

    Currently when I do a file, send from Imanage with Outlook closed, I can send the attachment fine, but I get an email letting me know when the user has opened it.

    If I open Outlook separately and then do the same file send from Imanage I do not get the read receipt email. In the setting for Tools, Options, Email Options, request read receipt is turned off.

    Any Ideas how I can stop from getting the read receipt otherwise?

    Note: We are not yet using Exchange/ We have a Groupwise back end.

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    Re: Imanage and Outlook/Groupwise (Outlook 2000.)

    That is pretty difficult to explain. We don't have iManage (we have WORLDOX), but two things come to mind:

    (1)if your default E-mail client is Outlook Express instead of Outlook (check the Programs tab in IE under Tools, Internet Options) then the iManage integration will pull settings from OE rather than Outlook. We found a couple of instances of this in our conversion. In that case, though, the sent message will not appear in your Outlook Sent Items, so since you don't mention that, this probably is not the problem.

    (2) if you have multiple profiles in Outlook, perhaps when you are not logged in, iManage chooses settings from a different profile than the one you normally use, perhaps the first one that was set up, or some other arbitrary selection. I don't remember which settings are different for different profiles, but this might be one of them.

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