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    Name tags (Access 2000)

    Hi: I'm an Access beginner. I've worked with the "Order Entry" sample database to create a Conference management database (it really is better than the "Event Management" sample). Everything is OK except one thing: I want to print name tags with each Customer's name and the products (conference sessions) they've bought. The closest I can get is with a table with the products each customer has bought, but the customer's name is repeated beside every product.
    I've kept the organization of the "Order Entry" database. The "Products" are workshop sessions, lunch. child care, etc. I want the name tags to be "entry tickets" into the various events.
    Can anyone please help? I don't even know how to begin at this point.
    Thanks in advance.
    Len Bick

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    Re: Name tags (Access 2000)

    It looks to me as though you need a report which is based on a query.
    The query will select the product and possibly the customerID. You can make the ID not show by unchecking the show box in the query.
    You say you are a beginner: Tables store the data, Queries are used to ask questions of the data and if you use more than one table in the query it is here that you can get a db which appears to work but doesn't give all the results - see MS web site on designing databases. It all depends on which of the 3 kinds of query joins you select. Forms are for displaying or entering data passed through to the underlying table. Reports are for taking away answers to your questions about the data. If you are a newbie then the above might point you to look at various aspects. Access is powerful and seductive but it is easy to make mistakes and get wrong or incomplete data so always test with 10 or 12 records and work out what you should get on paper first, so that you can be sure you are getting results which are both complete and correct. Hope it helps and am not teaching my grandmother to suck eggs.

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