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    Icons for Menus (97+/All)

    Would anyone recommend a graphic application (preferably simple or free) that would be suitable to convert graphics (about 30kb each) into the icons that appear to the left of certain menu items in MS Word, Excel, etc. (My existing graphic files are WMF and I want to convert them to ...insert correct answer here... Am I on the right track or should I be on the far platform?)

    I have a once-off requirement to create some menu items that will actually place a graphic at the user's cursor location in MS Word. And I would like to give the user a fair idea of what each graphic looked like before inserting in the document. The menu items will be VBA driven and there will be an additional menu heading 'WHS Graphics' immediately before the 'Help' menu.

    Thanks in advance, Leigh (hoping this is the relevant area for this post)

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    Re: Icons for Menus (97+/All)

    Look there

    BTW, you can use any picture editor (Windows Paint, etc) to create 16x16 pixels, 16-color bitmaps - that is format for Office menu icons - (or convert other pictures into that format), then copy the image into clibboard (Ctrl-C), and next open Tools | Customize | (Choose a command in the menu or toolbar) | Modify Selecton button | Paste Button Image option.

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