This is just to make me feel better - no need to respond.

I've run into several "problems" with Word/VBA over the pastw eek, posted questions and got what I believe to be excellent replies.

I haven't replied to them all because I've not made time to reply to them, because for once in my life, I've been swept off my feet with other stuff that has jumped up and claimed my attention. Amongst other things I seem to have re-written one application (Document Cleanser) in two days. It looks a lot better than the version I ported from WordBasic., and which still consists of WordBasic.

And yes, I'm doing a conversion job and it's out of town, so I'm on the highway every now and then.

Anyway, if you're reading this and you're wondering why I've gone sulky, I haven't; I've been busy.

I Just wanted to sleep better at nights, not feeling guilty .....