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    Help with legal pleading headers (Word 2002)

    Hello all,
    The company I work for has a legal pleading that must be customized again!!!!
    Instead of the company info on every page at the top, they want it on the first page only and they do not want it to be editable; however ; if I select "first page different", the vertical pleadings lines disappear and everything gets messed up. Is there a way I can use field codes for the header ? I had a similar problem with the footers. I had to put a page number in the footer but they did not want a number to show on the first page!!! Someone from this group gave me an exact field code formula to use and it worked without messing up the vertical lines.
    The header contains the law firm name, address, number, etc.
    They want it in the header so that when typing a new letter, the secretaries cannot edit it on purpose or by accident. They only want this info on the first page!

    I do not know field codes so please give me detailed step by step instructions or formulas.

    Any help or assistance is appreciated. This group has helped me out so much! Thanks again for all the assistance!

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    Re: Help with legal pleading headers (Word 2002)

    They want to be using an application other than Microsoft Word because they won't get what they want with Word. The only way to approximate what they want, and it is only an approximation, is to put the information in the header for the first page only. Then lock the document for forms so that the header/footer becomes uneditable. This creates major problems in its own way.

    Your company apparently needs a Word expert. They need to hire one or you need to become one.

    Please look at the field code that I posted in your other question. While that is a possibility, a better possibility is to use the different first page and duplicate the lines, etc in the first page header. This is a lot simpler. Again, info in a header or footer is not protected, though, unless the document is protected for forms.

    You may want to look at Letterhead Textboxes and Styles tutorial (

    Letterhead System (
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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    Re: Help with legal pleading headers (Word 2002)

    Although it takes up more disk space, placing a graphic of the Firm name and address in the first page header would limit the ability to edit: it could be moved or deleted in its entirety, but not edited as text could be. Otherwise, as Charles notes, where there's a will (to edit), there's a way.

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    Re: Help with legal pleading headers (Word 2002)

    Hi Brian:
    One problem that you can solve is regarding having line numbers on the first page with a different first page header. However, as Charles & Jefferson have pointed out, you can't solve all your problems.

    To have line numbers the same with a different first page header:
    1. Open your regular header.
    2. Click on the text box that contains the line numbers; if you click the border, you'll select it.
    3. Press Ctrl+C.
    4. Now go to the First Page Header & paste the text box in. You should now have your line numbers.

    Hope this helps.

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