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    Power Save

    I have a machine bought from tiny, i use the power/standby button a lot, and when i used to press the standby button the machine used to boot down, and monitor go into off mode. However i fitted a new graphics card on my pc over the weekend, and now when i put it in standby mode the computer does not go into standby mode. (Normally the HDD Led goes orange instead of green) the monitor does what it normally does. When i try to get it out of power save/standby nothing will come on and have to reboot the pc completely, making it run scandisk afterwards/

    A bit long winded but can anyone help

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    Re: Power Save

    Your NEW card is not compatible with your system. The best thing to do is to turn OFF all of the power savings settings. To save power all one needs to do is turn off the monitor and then turn it back on when needed. One does not save much power by have the drives spin down, not only that the wear and tear on the hardware in not good either.

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