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    Lost Attachment (2000?)


    I received the following message from one of our members, I thought it was
    the doing of Microsoft's "security" patch, but I checked and PDF files are
    not on the list of affected files attachments.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks for your help,
    Bob Wahlen

    "I'm having a problem with sending attachments using Outlook. I'm trying
    send my newsletter in PDF format to our supporters and some of them are
    getting it fine and others are having trouble, especially those on the SIL
    system, which is weird. Just a few minutes ago I sent an e-mail to my
    parents' account .... and when I tried to open it on their machine (using
    Outlook Express), there was no attachment, even though it had taken the
    amount of time to download that I would expect for a 300K file. This seems
    to be consistent with what other people are saying concerning their
    experience. Can you give me any tips on why it might not be working for
    some people?"

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    Re: Lost Attachment (2000?)

    tell them to send it using plain text format - it sounds like they are using RTF format and it's getting sent as a winmail.dat.

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