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    AutoCorrect and AutoText Locations (97/2000)

    Where/how are AutoText and AutoCorrect entries stored? I know that I can see of list of them under Tools, AutoCorrect, but where are they really stored?

    Is it possible for several people who use the same PC to have access to their own set of AutoText and AutoCorrect entries? If so, is there anything in particular they need to do to make this happen - outside of logging on with their ID/Password?


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    Re: AutoCorrect and AutoText Locations (97/2000)

    Hi Nancy:
    AutoText is contained in templates--either or other custom templates. When adding an Autotext entry, there is a dialog box that tells you where the entry is being saved. You can save it to your open template, attached template, to a global template, or

    AutoCorrect entries are contained in *.acl files. If you have user profiles enabled, you can use different autocorrect entries (except I think you always share a default .acl file.)

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