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    Installing Office 2K (1a)

    I am currently running Windows 98SE and Office 97 Pro. I've recently obtained a copy of Office 2000 Pro. Are there any tips, pitfalls, etc. that I need to be aware of before I install 2000? Am I correct to assume that I should remove Office 97 completely before installing 2000?

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    Re: Installing Office 2K (1a)

    No, you are not. Office 2000 Setup will remove previous installation of Office (until you choose the opposite). If your copy of Office is not SR1, download SR1 update and install it immediatly after Setup. For details, see Upgrade a Standalone Computer.
    If you are planning to use Outlook, do not install SP2 and/or Outlook Email Security Update (it prevents you to open some kind of attachments). Install all other updates from Microsoft Office Download Center
    The only thing is missing in Office 2000 - Microsoft Mapping Tool for Excel (for details, see Woody's Office Watch or Q235303).

    Woody said:
    If you're using Office 2000 Service Release 1,
    congratulations! I still think it's the best version of
    Office going. (Service Release 1a, or SR-1a for short, is
    nearly identical to SR-1.) If you have the original version
    of Office 2000, you should upgrade to SR-1a. For
    instructions, go to
    and look under the headings "Install the standard update on
    a standalone computer" and "Create a local source for the
    SR-1 standard update". (Thanks for the pointers, RKV!) You
    should make sure you have Internet Explorer upgraded to
    version 5.01 or later, at the same time. Instructions are
    on that Web page.

    Whatever you do, do NOT install Office 2000 Service Pack 2.
    It includes a few minor fixes, but it also cuts off certain
    kinds of files attached to email messages - the "Draconian
    Email Security Update" that I've railed about for eons.
    (One of these days I'll explain why I chose the term
    "draconian" to describe this travesty - Draco himself would
    be proud - but I digress.) If you got stuck with SP-2, the
    only way I know to get back to SR-1a is to completely
    uninstall Office 2000 SP-2 and re-install from any handy
    Office 2000 CD.

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