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Thread: Black & white

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    Black & white

    Black & white
    Sorry not about photodraw, but but photoshop, i didn't know where else to post!

    I'm learning photoshop 6 & have a simple problem.

    I have a picture drawn in black and white,

    I'd like to keep the black & change the white to green, I've been looking all over for a tutorial on this but i can't find anything.

    When i try setting either/or the forground or background color, when i pick a shade of green, it winds up being set as grey instead.


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    Re: Black & white

    Almost a year old but Better late than never...

    You need to change your file properties to DUOTONE. If you do some research on this topic you should find what you were looking for at the time.

    Does this forum have a pulse nowdays. I know I haven't ever looked at it before.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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