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    Removing user-defined fields in Outlook 2000 (2000)


    Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Bob Wahlen
    CCS-Computer Support

    "Subject: Removing user-defined fields in Outlook 2000

    Some time ago I installed Microsoft Office Small Business Tools. This
    created some user-defined fields in all of my then-current contact
    records in Outlook 2000. I decided they were not helpful. How can I
    get rid of them?

    Under the "All Fields" tab, "User-defined fields in this item" (first
    option in the drop down menu), they are listed as:

    CMAContactIndex OUTLOOK:000001E8
    CMADatabase {0843FD29-A41C-11D4-82E4-0020E0611DFE}

    There is an added complication now after I did a complete clean
    reinstallation of Windows 98SE and all of my applications (but not the
    Microsoft Office Small Business Tools). I restored my personal and
    data files. Now whenever I open any Outlook contact that has those
    user-defined fields that were inserted by SB Tools, I get an error
    "Microsoft Forms. Could not load an object because it is not available
    on this machine." When I click "OK", the next dialog box comes up
    with: "Script Error. Object doesn't support this property or method:
    'pageSBE.DataGrid1' Line No:11".

    Could I export the whole contact database, edit the file to remove
    references to those fields, then import the edited database? Or is
    there any other way to do this?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated."

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    Re: Removing user-defined fields in Outlook 2000 (2000)

    I think this is it, but haven't read the whole article:

    "You installed the Small Business Customer Manager or the Small Business Forms Manager (both which change your default contact form), and you want to change back to anther form. "

    OL2000: How to Update Existing Items to Use a New Custom Form (Q201087)

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