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    HTML Form in Outlook (1)

    I created a simple HTML form that could be e-mailed to customers. Simple enough, right? So, I did that but soon found during testing that there were some problems.

    Say I'm a client: I fill out the form and when I'm done I click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. Clicking this button, opens the default e-mail editor(Outlook in my case) with my e-mail address in the 'Address' field and the Form Name in the 'Subject' line. Here's the problem. The form is not in the body of the e-mail... UGHHHH!!! I would assume that some very, very important scripting is missing from my code. Then again, I'm not even sure that what I'm trying to accomplish, can be done. I really have a whole lot to learn. Any ideas would be extremely appreciated. Thanks again!!

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    Re: HTML Form in Outlook (1)

    I would think with the recommended heightened security in Outlook that you could not do this at all, but maybe it can be made to work somehow.

    What is the form ACTION property for your HTML form. Or, if your submit button is running a script, what is the script code?

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