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    Internal Word Commands (Word 2000)

    Is there any way to run an internal Word command, not the VBA equivalent, in a macro? What I want to do is capture the FileSaveAs command (no problem there), do some stuff, then run the internal FileSaveAs command to bring up the FileSaveAs dialog. What I don't want to do is Dim a Dialog object and manage the FileSave Dialog in code. I can do that if I have to but since I don't want to do anything AFTER the save I'd rather just pass control to Word to do the save. Thanks!

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    Re: Internal Word Commands (Word 2000)

    There was a way to do this in WordBasic that involved macro contexts...but in VBA, unless you need to manipulate the dialog, this is best:


    Oops, re-read your post.

    You can do either of these:


    <pre>With Dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveAs)
    End With</pre>

    The latter lets you inspect/alter the user's input between the .Display and .Execute steps.

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