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    Using Outlook Contacts in a mail merge (2002)

    In Word 2000, it was relatively easy to use your Outlook contacts in a mail merge, either for a letter or for an email that would send to each person individually. How do you do both (use the list and merge to an email) of these with Word 2002?

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    Re: Using Outlook Contacts in a mail merge (2002)

    I regularly send a series of e-mails using my Outlook contacts. I don't know if it makes a difference or not but the people I e-mail to are all in a seperate file inside my contacts folder. I usually prepare the text of the e-mail first in Word as this makes it easier later on.
    Open Outlook
    Click on the Contacts Icon
    Then on the file with all your contacts for the particular e-mail
    Click on Tools on the list at the top of the page

    From the drop down menu choose Mail Merge

    This brings up a new window.

    In the new window,

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