<font face="Comic Sans MS"> I want to backup my XPPro laptop and create/maintain an image on an external device other than a CD. My 20G HDD has 7.5G free, so there is not enough room for a full backup or image. I had a USBuslink 20G USB drive, but no program could use it in DOS and although I have read about a DOS USB driver, I think the writer was halucinating.

(As an aside ... while temporarily without the OEM power supply for the USBuslink HD, I purchased a "smart" multi ma power supply by Targus ... the result was a small wisp of smoke coming from the point of connection and although the indicator lights showed activity, the drive was inop. Two emails to USBuslink went without reply. That's very unsatifactory support on the part of USBuslink.)

I now have a Firewire Maxtor 60G portable, self powered drive which I connect through an Adaptec PCMCIA 3 port Firewire hub. I also purchased Drive Image 5.01 thinking it could image to the Maxtor during a Windows session and planned on using the native MS Backup for full backups. MS Backups are limited to 4GB's.

The question ... Is there any way to use a Firewire or USB device as the primary destination for image creation/maintenance?
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