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    File takes TWO HOURS to open (2000)

    I'm having another problem that's driving me nuts.

    WinNT, Excel 2000
    512Mb RAM, P3-550
    The file is stored locally, not onm a networked drive.

    I have a 20Mb file that takes two hours to open. Here's what I have
    done so far:

    1) Cleaned out all .TMP and .EMF files wherever they reside.
    2) Cleaned out all .xls files left over from sending and receiving
    file in Outlook.
    3) Defragged the hard disk (although the file also takes this long to
    load when copied to another computer).
    4) Deleted most of the array formulae in the workbook, including five
    sheets that contained a lot of array formulae -- of course, I resaved
    the workbook to another name and tried to retrieve it, with no effect
    on the retrieval period.
    5) Visited each sheet and deleted rows and columns below and to the
    right of the last cell I've used on that sheet.
    6) Closed all other applications.
    7) Used CodeCleaner to clean out the VBA modules.
    8) Deleted all add-ins.

    I have other, larger files that retrieve in a minute at most.
    Recalculation is set to manual. Some cells are linked to another
    file, but the total linked cells are less than 100.

    I've visited the Google archives and the MSKB, and I'm at a loss as to
    what I can do to open this file more quickly.

    What other ideas or solutions might there be?

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    Re: File takes TWO HOURS to open (2000)

    If you open Excel, then use File Open to find and select the fine, then hold down the Shift key when you click OK (this stops Auto macros from running), how long does it take?
    Legare Coleman

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