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    Active X security problems (Office 2K)

    I have installed the patch recommended in the Microsoft Knowledge sheet Q262767 which updates the ouactrl.ocx but now don't have access to the 'show me' or popup feature in Office 2k. Does anyone know how to use these help file features after the patch. Surely there is another patch or workaround to fix the previous very restrictive patch. <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>
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    Re: Active X security problems (Office 2K)

    According to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q262767,
    "This update removes this unsafe functionality, with the result that the "Show Me" and pop-up window definition functions are turned off in Office 2000. "

    To uninstall this update, you must restore the original version of the Ouactrl.ocx file (1.01.0009 or that was replaced with the new version (2.0 or

    Please read patch information carefully before installation.

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