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    Word crashes on saving a document (Word 2000)

    My daughter's computer has Win 98 and Word 2000, installed only recently. Word has started crashing (freezing) every time she tries to save a document (even new blank documents), and even Ctrl + Alt + Del won't help, the computer has to be rebooted. I tried doing a repair, but didn't have the CD to hand at the time, so only got half way through - however, the problem then went away. After a week or so it has now come back again, and before I try to uninstall and reinstall Office, I would like to know if this is a known problem - there is no mention of it in the Microsoft Knowledge base. Other Office programs are fine, and I've also tried running in safe mode to see if it was a clash with another program, but without success.

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    Re: Word crashes on saving a document (Word 2000)

    First, it's always helpful to make sure there are no unwanted intruders (viruses, trojans, etc.) running on the computer.

    Second, Word loads a number of templates and add-ins when it starts up, whether Windows is running in safe mode or not, and these must be disabled separately. The common way to test this is to do the following:

    1. <LI>In the Tools|Templates and Add-Ins... dialog, make note of any Add-ins that are loaded. Add-ins can intercept common commands like File|Save or File|Close, and if they are not coded properly, that could cause Word to hang.

      <LI>Close Word, locate the template and rename it (e.g., to force Word to start with a blank slate.

      <LI>Start Word with the /a switch to prevent add-ins from loading. (Start button, Run..., "winword.exe /a" or the full path to winword.exe if it doesn't find it that way.) If Word behaves properly when started this way, then one of the add-ins probably is a problem and you can turn them on and off and see which one is your culprit.

      <LI>Some antivirus programs hook into Word, and this also can be turned off for testing. (I don't use any of those programs, so I don't know how to do this.)
    Hope this helps.

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