I have the oddest thing on one of my Win XP Pro machines: for the past few weeks the Windows Update feature -- which used to work perfectly -- think it does an instantaneous download! I have 6 critical updates outstanding on this system, about 5MB, and when I click "download", then "Yes" on the EULA tab, the system goes to the download/install progress dialog. After 2 or 3 seconds the download progress bar races from 0 to 4.6MB in 1 second, and the system tries to install what was downloaded -- which is nothing. Naturally the install fails. Obviously the system download manager thinks everything is downloaded when it's not ... There's no error message during the putative download because the system thinks everything works fine, when it fact it doesn't. There's just no way 4.6 megabytes of data comes dowen my 52k dial-up connection in 2 seconds!

For the life of me I cannot solve this problem. I've set browser security to Low, deleted temp internet files, deleted the Update class object, tried one, two or all updates selected -- nothing fixes the problem.

Anyone have any suggestions?