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    MSN Messenger

    Have 2 new computers with XP. The one I use activates the Messenger every time I log on to Outlook Express. It just decided to one day, and I can't make it stop. I have gone through all the steps Microsoft tells you to do, but none of these things work. So every time I log on I have to manually cancel sign in. Ant suggestions out there? I'd just delete it if I could, but can't find that option anywhere.

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    Re: MSN Messenger

    There are two controls for this. However, i can only tell you what they are from Outlook. Check out these two areas, as they may be the same or similar in Express.

    In outlook, go to Tools, options, and select the Other tab.

    There is a default check mark in "enable instant messaging." remove the check mark.

    Also, in MSN messenger, In Tools, Options, Preferences, it defaults to "run this program when windows starts." Remove the check mark.

    You have to remove both of these, otherwise MSN messenger will start automatically. Let me know if it helped, as i don't have the express version and i'm curious. thanks! soapy

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