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    Auto-AutoFormat when switching Document Map on ((Word97 & 2000))

    Hi all,

    We have the following problem with Word 97 and 2000:
    The documents we use are structured with Header styles, but the first few pages do not contain any of these (title page, contents). Often, we keep the Document Map on, to enhance navigation through the doc.

    Sometimes, when these documents are loaded, the document map is destroyed, i.e. for many paragraphs the "Format -> Paragraph -> Indents and Spacing -> Outline level" is set from "Body" to "level 1".

    The follow test shows what happens:
    Open Word. Select "Print Layout View" (the 3rd button left - down) - which is my normal editing mode. Switch the Document Map off (Standard toolbar). Quit Word.
    Now open the document in attachment. Click the Document Map: this is the moment the problem occurs! You can see that you can UNDO this step; the tooltip of the Undo shows "AutoFormat". Press the Undo and Redo a few times to see the difference.

    Apparently, when switching on the Document Map, and the document contains nothing to show in the Map, Word tries to be smart and fill the Document Map with a lot of stuff.

    The problem also occurs when loading a doc with the Document Map already on. It always happens when the Document Map is completely empty, and sometimes when the beginning of the document is completely "Body Text".

    You can now understand the problem with a big document which has only "Body Text" on the first few pages: if you load it with the Document Map on, then many paragraphs in the doc are altered: e.g. the "Caption" style, short paragraphs which are bold, etc.

    My question is, how can I prevent this from happening?
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    Re: Auto-AutoFormat when switching Document Map on ((Word97 & 2000))

    Microsoft has documented this problem but not a solution, only the workaround of using Undo or the unrelated (?) workaround of creating a custom style.

    WD2000: Document Map Applies Level 1 to Incorrect Paragraphs (Q190651)

    WD97: Document Map Applies Level 1 to Incorrect Paragraphs (Q180594)

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