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    join in a query (Access 2000)

    I have a query thaty enumerates the Customer number and the Company name from 2 tables Customers and Orders and it is the following:

    SELECT DISTINCTROW Customers.Customerid, Customers.CompanyName
    FROM Customers RIGHT JOIN Orders ON Customers.Customerid = Orders.customerid;

    Now i wanted I wanted to include one more field in my query, namely payment, from the table orders, in order to include only those customers who have paid. My query looks loike this :
    However my query repeats the customers several times. For example Customer number 3 appears
    4 times in my second query, while in my first query the cusomers are enumerated in ascending order.
    Can i obtain a list for my customers who have paid and these customers do not repeat themselves in the query?

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    Re: join in a query (Access 2000)

    Markus, try something like this and see if it returns what you need.
    SELECT DISTINCTROW Customers.Customerid, Customers.CompanyName, Orders.Payment
    FROM Customers LEFT JOIN Orders ON Customers.Customerid = Orders.customerid
    WHERE ((Not (Orders.Payment) Is Null));

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