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    Meetings updated by organizer disappear (Outlook 2000 SR-1; Exchange 5.5)

    To my embarrassment, I have missed some meetings recently when they unaccountably disappeared from my calendar. I began to doubt my sanity until I found that Outlook was apparently behaving "as designed." To me it seems like a gross design flaw -- but then I've never heard anyone else complain about it.

    In short, I find that calendar events and the emails you get inviting you to those events are a bit too tightly coupled.

    Here's what I was doing: I'd accept an email invitation to a meeting, adding it to my calendar. Later on the organizer would change the room or time and I'd get an "Updated: ..." email. I'd want to see how the rest of that day looked, so I'd press the email window's convenient "Calendar" toolbar button and notice that the changes the organizer was proposing were already reflected on my calendar. So I'd close the calendar window and then delete the email, thinking it was no longer needed.

    What I did not know what that deleting the update email without explicitly accepting the update silently, cheerfully deletes the corresponding event from the calendar.

    To me it seems natural to assume the email and the event are two different objects, and deleting one should not necessarily have an effect on the other. However, others with whom I have discussed this disagree. I see them as having learned how to think like Outlook does, rather than Outlook having "learned to think" like they do. Moreover, I'm not clear how they learned the "safe" behavior without being bitten at least once, since I don't know where it's documented.

    Am I wrong to find this a design flaw? (Perhaps deleting the update email without acting on it should trigger a question like "Do you want to accept or decline this meeting as updated?")

    Then, Friday, another updated meeting disappeared, although I caught it in time. Because I have cottoned on to the problem described above, I'm quite sure that wasn't at issue in this case. (In fact, the meeting disappeared while the update was still sitting unread in my Inbox.) So, I'm wondering if there are other circumstances where Outlook will helpfully clean out what it thinks are useless events -- perhaps related to having an attachment to the event open in Word -- or do I need to go back to doubting my mental competence?

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    Re: Meetings updated by organizer disappear (Outlook 2000 SR-1; Exchange 5

    Perhaps you are close to the mark in doubting your competence if you expect OL to be a rational product It is a not so wee beastie unto itself.

    For what it's worth, the email you refer to are not a regular mail-type item. They are a meeting request, and they are coupled to the appointment item just as you describe. But appointments shouldn't be skipping out on their own. Perhaps you have some corruption and need to start Outlook with the /cleanreminders or /clealfreebusy switchs. To do this, first exit and log off Outlook, then:

    <PathToOutlook.exe /switchname

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