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    Printing (97)

    At work we use word 97 on Win NT. I have a Epson 850 connected on LPT1. Whenever I print the top part of the header is "cut off" and not printed.

    I find if I set the header 1.5cm from the edge it works OK. Unfortunaly most company docs are set to 1.25cm, which I believe to be the problem.

    How can I automatically reformat documents on opening to move the header text down the document to allow it to print properly.

    I have the correct printer driver.



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    Re: Printing (97)

    You could add a macro like this to your Normal template:

    <pre>Sub ChangeHeaderMargin()
    Dim aSection As Section
    For Each aSection In ActiveDocument.Sections
    aSection.PageSetup.HeaderDistance = CentimetersToPoints(1.5) '42.51968
    End Sub</pre>

    To make it automatic, you can use the Document_Open even or an AutoOpen macro. In either case, you would call the ChangeHeaderMargin procedure. If you wanted Word to treat this change as though it had been that way when the document was opened, you could follow that with ActiveDocument.Saved = True. That way, if you decide to close the document, Word will not prompt you to save changes.

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