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    Save As.. box appears out of nowhere (97 SR2)

    We have a user who has a tricky thing with Word happening. He will be doing absolutely NOTHING to his PC, will have a Word document on his screen, and Word will automatically open a Save, Save As... or Open dialog window - unprompted by the user. He said this has happened a dozen times or so in the last few days. He has rebooted his PC. We have reinstalled Office. We have turned off auto save... What else could be causing this. We looked and saw that he really isn't pressing any keys or using the mouse when this happens. We can't recreate it because it's intermittent. Not just on one specific document, either.

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    Re: Save As.. box appears out of nowhere (97 SR2)

    You didn't mention virus scanning, but presumably the machine has been checked and is clean?

    Tried giving him a new keyboard for a week?

    Is there any integration between other applications and Word? Does the user use Word as his e-mail editor?

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