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    Error 28 'Out of stack space' (VBA/Word97)

    Sorry for such a general question but I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction . The problem that I am looking at throws an error "Out of stack space". It occurs when I copy a selection of text and then close the active document (using Ctrl & F4). It does not appear to happen when I close using the 'X'. Any ideas? Please...

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    Re: Error 28 'Out of stack space' (VBA/Word97)


    First of all, you need to clarify: are you getting this error while using Word via the user interface, or are you getting this error while running VBA code?

    It sounds like you're getting this error while using the Word interface, but you're only going to see this error if some VBA code is running - for example a macro which has intercepted the Control+F4 key shortcut.

    Do you have any add-ins running? (go to Tools > Templates & Add-Ins and have a look) - these are a frequent source of Word glitches.


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