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    Bound Subform (Access 97)

    I have a Form for batch processing of selected IDs, this form has a subform and 2 command buttons-- "Commit " and " Cancel ".
    The subForm is bound to a temprarory table and shows a list of IDs that qualify for batch processing along with a chech box, so that user can select which of the IDs go for batch processing and a combo box
    for selecting "Outcome" of each ID.
    when user clicks "Commit" I should process the selceted IDs and if user clicks "Cancel" (before "Commit") I should cancel all the changes done in subform so that all the records in subform looks as they were at the time of loading of form.
    Now since the subForm is bound as soon as user edits a record the changes go directly to the temp table and it seems I don't have any control on it.
    How can I tackle this problem.
    Please Help!
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Bound Subform (Access 97)

    It appears to me you have two choices:
    1 - rebuild your temporary table when a user clicks cancel, so that the data looks exactly like it did before the user started modifying data, or
    2 - make your sub-form totally unbound (which means you have to write LOTS of code), or change it to a single form display (which means you have to write a little bit less code than you would for a continuous form)

    I think the first approach would be considerably easier than the second one, and I always opt for simple if I can. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Bound Subform (Access 97)

    If you're simply setting a Yes/No flag in the individual record to select the handling, it would be simple enough to run an update query on the temporary table and change the Yes to No in that field.

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