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    Slow Boot, Blue Screens; & Duplicate .dll's

    My machine has slowed to a snails pace when I boot (using Win 98SE.) I work a lot w/ digital audio apps; & noticed growing conflicts between open apps (system lock-up, fatal exeptions, etc.) An article in PC World not too long ago that points the blame for issues such as these at duplicate .dll files. Their instructions are to find & compare all the.dll's; & delete all but the highest numbered version. They then state that more than likely, the highest numbered version will be in the system folder; & that when the duplicates are deleted, the apps are forced to look in the system folder when launched.

    I found all my duplicate .dll files per their instructions, but in a lot of cases (especially in the case of audio apps), none of the dups reside in the system folder; & the highest numbered dup will reside in the most recently installed app's folder tree. My question is; should I still delete the low numbered .dll's & move the single higher numbered .dll to the system folder? I truly believe that this dupicate .dll file issue is the root cause of my ills, as I have noticed that other apps (besides audio) that share .dll's also have conflicts. In almost all cases where I have cross app conflicts, the dups do not reside in the system folder. I want to fix this problem without causing others. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.


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    Re: Slow Boot, Blue Screens; & Duplicate .dll's

    Cross-posted in the Windows 98 forum - all replies there please!

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