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    Installing Office Components (2000 Professional SR1)

    I have a user who wants to insert an Excel file into his Word document. This should be easy, and I would have thought that this process was integral to Office, ie not in need of an added component.

    He gets a message that says that that componenet is not installed and then gets:
    Error 1706: No valid source could be found for product <>. The Windows installer cannot continue.

    The next message is:
    Microsfot Word cannot import the specified file format. Microsoft Word cannot install the necessary files due to Windows installer error 1603. Fatal error during installation.

    Technet says that all I need to do is go over the routine again with the correct CD in the drive and the version of installer will be updated. This advice has not worked.

    Can anyone help me?

    And yes, I am using exactly the same media disk as I did when Office 2000 Pro was initially installed.

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    Re: Installing Office Components (2000 Professional SR1)

    This is a problem with the Windows installer, not necessarily Office. I've run into this error when another program installed after Office had some kind of hiccup in its install. It appeared to install properly but I kept getting the no valid source error in *Office*, which had nothing to do with the other program. Once I got the other program uninstalled and reinstalled, the problem in Office went away.

    The problem seems to arise when you have something set for install on first use, which seems logical but apparently can befuddle the Windows installer. If you use a Typical installation rather than custom, at least some of the options will be flagged for Install on First Use. The only cure I've found in uninstall and reinstall until the blasted thing works, and specifically set the options I want to run on the local computer, not Install on First Use!

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