I created a document in Word 2000 (with 97 compatibilty options), then saved and printed it from a network with Word 97. I had no problems for several weeks. Graphics printed as they should, in both the footer and body of the document.

I'm no longer at the site. The person who took over the document says that it is fine, that is, the graphics are still there, until he modifies it. When he modifies it, the graphics in the header and footer are dropped, and some, but not all, of the graphics in the body are dropped.

I resent the original document to him, complete with graphics, and the same thing happened again. Fine until he changes it; then graphics start to drop out.

We verified that the document is not in normal view and picture placeholders were not being used. Styles are not updating automatically, either (although that shouldn't make any difference). Graphics are embedded in the document, not linked to it.

I asked him to send the modified document to me, and the graphics didn't reappear on my machine in the modified document. I also noticed that the header and footer sizes had changed.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Does this sound like a virus of some type?