I created a custom contact form which required changes after several hundred records had been added. I had used Text fields where I should have used Value fields. I deleted the fields from both the list of fields (Field Chooser) and from the form, then re-created them correctly, using the same field and label names as before. As soon as I use the new field name for the Value, the numbers previously entered, disappear.
The values originally entered in one of the fields still appear in the "Phone List" view, but not in the revised field in the Contact form. As soon as I change the value for that field in the form, I will also lose the value in the Phone List View and HAVE TO ENTER ALL THE NUMBERS AGAIN! Is there any way to point the current values to a new field?
The folder is a Public folder and all the new fields are user-defined, so exporting to Excel and back is out.
This is hard to explain, so I hope someone, from experience, knows what I'm talking about.
Barry Simon where are you??!!