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I have a printing problem in Word 97 and Excel 97 on my P4 2.2 system with Windows XP Home edition.

This problem occurs if I'm printing a file, and I want to use the SAVE or OPEN FILE window while the printing is taking place (HP 870Cse printer....although I'm pretty sure the specific printer has nothing to do with the problem).

The issue is that the SAVE or OPEN FILE window takes an excessively long time to display the directory / file structure...as though the cpu has full concentration on printing and cannot take a moment to display the file structure for me. This problem does not occur while printing from any other program.

It is not a completely new problem to me. In Windows 98SE I had to make sure my older 16bit version of Bitware Fax was closed or the OPEN / SAVE FILE windows acted the same way. So it seems to be some sort of printer port or spooling related problem.

I have experimented with various settings suggested in the TOOLS, OPTIONS, PRINT window in Excel with no effect on the probem. BACKGROUND PRINTING either ON or OFF had no effect on the problem.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,
BH Davis