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    Get User Template Path in PPT (PPT XP)

    In the code I'm developing I want to access the user template path (UTP) from within Powerpoint VBA. But unlike VBA in Word, there seems to be no possibility to get it directly from Powerpoint, even if Powerpoint itself is using the setting.
    My first workaround was an APi call to read the string SoftwareMicrosoftOffice10.0CommonGeneralUserTempla tes from HKey_Current_User, but unfortunately this key is sometimes not set, when the UTP is the default path or is distributed as part of the user policy.
    Of course I could start a hidden word session and then get the UTP from Word. But this would be very slow and not really proper programming.
    Does anyone know another way to get the UTP?

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    Re: Get User Template Path in PPT (PPT XP)

    Argggg! What a mess. I think I would just use Word to get the info. Why isn't there a DefaultFilePath collection in PoPo? But, the answer to your question is in Q290232, but it really made my head hurt! <img src=/S/newbrain.gif border=0 alt=newbrain width=21 height=22> --Sam
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