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    Multiple Printer Icons (IE6)

    I have 2 printers and would like 2 icons (one for each printer) on the IE6 toolbar.
    Currently, there is one that prints to the default printer. I would like one for each
    printer so that I do not have to always go Fie, Print... etc.

    I do not see any way to do this !

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    Re: Multiple Printer Icons (IE6)

    That would be distinctly challenging -- and I doubt someone could tell you how to do it without a lot of effort and time. It may not even be possible, I am not sure. Give me some time to look into this...

    Sorry, but I do not have the time to look into this. I will be gone for a week or so (probably to the delight of many of the MVP's here!).

    If you want to get the general concepts down of how to add buttons into IE, see this:
    Adding Tollbar Buttons.

    I would call this relatively advanced material...

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