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    Software, IP, Server or ?

    I freelance from home and therefore connect w/my employer as a remote client. My employer uses a Domino
    e-mail server running on an AS400 with VPN. They do not have me using VPN at present because of a
    conflict with my IP. I receive e-mail through an external public IP address. What I receive from them does not
    go thru my IP - Verizon DSL - but what I send does go thru Verizon. I am using Windows 2000. Every week or
    so (since upgrading my Windows, Outlook, Word etc) I cannot send e-mails with attachments. The
    attachments range in size from 1mg to 7 mgs - our company restriction is 10 mg. When this problem occurs,
    my messages sit in Outlook's outbox for hours on end - going nowhere. I can't do anything with them. The
    message reads "Mapi spooler has already......." Closing the program does not send them to my draft folder,
    opening up again, they are still "Mapi spooling." Without any rhyme or reason, poof, everything starts working
    again - but this is usually in DAYS! I do have my personal e-mail setup using Netscape Communicator. Right
    now all "Read" receipts for what I do send out successfully from Outlook ends up in my Netscape e-mail -
    ??? Can anyone help me clear this up? And please - know that I sound more knowledgeable than I am. I just
    got off the phone with a techie from work getting the correct info together so I could ask this question!

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    Re: Software, IP, Server or ?

    This message is cross-posted here on the Outlook board. Let's all respond (if we can think of anything helpful to say!) over there.

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